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The Membership fee is $300 per adult in a household up to 2 adults (max of $600).  Minor children and students living in the same household are free. The first year there is a try us out complimentary membership that only requires a $100 administrative fee per adult. When you renew for the first time there will be a $100 per adult one-time renewal discount making it just $200 per adult for the 2nd year.

What does this mean:

1st year is $100 per adult
2nd year is $200 per adult
3rd year and beyond is $300 per adult.

This includes your High Holy Day Tickets and regular services. In order to keep the membership fees low there may be additional fees for other items such as some classes, dinners, ceremony officiation and other similar items. The membership year runs from July 1st through June 30th.

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