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We all have our favorite products and brands, we are also always asking each other about recommendations. So recommend products and sites to your fellow TBS members and the general public so we can earn donations and your fellow community members can order what you find to be a great product or company. Links to this page will be in the Tidbits as well as other correspondence.

Items and brands that are recommended by TBS members, if the links or codes are used TBS will receive an affiliate fee.

General TBS member recommendations



    • Amazon is a per item link so if anyone has an item they want to recommend we can create a link to get TBS a referral fee on your recommendations.

The Makers Havurah Recommendations


Creality 3D printers and supplies

(SPECIAL DEAL) K2 Plus Combo-30% off! Only 800 Units.

Father’s Day Gift Sale-Up to 50% Off-US



eSun 3D filament and resin



Men’s Club Recommendations

  • TBA

Sisterhood Recommendations

  • TBA

You Had Me at Chai (TBS Singles) Recommendations

  • TBA

The Jazz Havurah Recommendations

  • TBA

The Photography Havurah Recommendations

  • TBA

The Social Action Havurah Recommendations and Donations

  • Diaper project wish list links TBA
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